Word ‘Simple’ created from light scrabble tiles.
Word ‘Simple’ created from light scrabble tiles.
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Many developers, especially at the beginning of their careers, love to create complicated solutions to prove their skills. It’s nice to invent something so ‘hacky’ that you have to explain it to others — you feel smarter, more intelligent, and creative. Also, you may think it shows your expertise when the rest of the team has to ask you for some tips to understand your solution… But you know what? It doesn’t work in the IT world (even if sometimes we would love to). Great programmers are not artists — they are a craftsman. Team workers who are doing their…

A brown doormat with a black text: ‘all are welcome here’
A brown doormat with a black text: ‘all are welcome here’
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The Internet is a really awesome place. Everyone can find something interesting for them here — and people who share their passion. But what about people who cannot use computers the same way as us? Blind or visually impaired people, people with motion or cognitive problems — they all have to struggle every day with tasks that are super simple for people without any disabilities. And our responsibility as developers is to create the world accessible for everyone. Recently, I spent a lot of time learning and thinking about many different aspects connected with accessibility in web development. …

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Chrome Dev Tools are a set of super useful and powerful instruments for developers — if you created at least one page in your life you probably know that. Almost everyone knows how to check the HTML structure of the webpage or check CSS styling on there. But do you use full potential hidden in there? Let’s check! Below I listed 5, not obvious, functions available in Dev Tools that I found super useful in my daily work— hope you’ll find them useful too.

Mocking location

A long, long time ago (before the coronavirus pandemic) people were traveling. It may be hard…

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It almost always looks the same. You start your super-hiper-new project from the scratch — using modern technologies, the newest tech features, and beautiful simple architecture. Your clients are happy and request more and more features. Your dev team is growing and the codebase is bigger and bigger. Some day you realize your package is so swollen that you have to split it into smaller ones… And here the fun part begins! Dependency management between repos becomes a nightmare — making changes between repositories needs more and more time, testing is more complicated, the number of bugs in the final…

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Have you ever wonder how to make your repository more readable and lower the entry-level for new joiners in your team? How to decrease the time needed for onboarding new people and limit questions asked by external people who want to use your solutions or contribute to them? Or how to make it easier just for yourself to recreate the developing ecosystem after reimaging/changing your laptop? Recently, I analyzed many repositories (private and open source) and discovered that some of them are much more friendly to new joiners than others. What makes them so special? Several small things you can…

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Technology is everywhere. Artificial intelligence proposes a new movie based on your interests, application in smartphone detects traffics and chooses the best way for you and virtual assistant organizes your calendar… So why we are forgetting about high tech when speaking about education? Below you can find a list of my top 3 applications thanks to which you can change it!

Quiver — Bring to life your coloring book

Mixing your different passions can effect in awesome initiatives. For example from a combination of a passion for music and teaching you can create a great school band, love to history and theatre may be combined into battle reconstructions, etc. But what can result from programming skills and willingness to help? One of the best events I’ve ever organized — charity IT workshops. In this article, I want to recap two Cracow initiatives during #doItForAlex action — SQL and Python training for beginners.

The workshops were very popular — in the photo workshop about Python basics.

Everything started from one post…

The whole story started from one post published by Rita Łyczywek (known from her blog flynerd.pl) on…

I’m a person who can’t sit at home. I’m conducting IT workshops for kids and students, sharing knowledge as a mentor during ngGirls, organizing events… and everything without a salary. But I cannot say it is a non-profit job! Let me explain why!

Playing with educational toys is one of the best things in teaching kids programming.

Be the change…

Years ago, someone mentioned to me Gandhi’s words “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I immediately fell in love in their sense and since then I’m trying to implement it in my life. I believe in the importance of education. I want to see more women in tech. I dream about the world…

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Do you remember your coding world before you met git? I do! Severals files like version-1.cpp, version-2.cpp, final.cpp, final-please-work.cpp took a lot of place on my laptop when I just started coding. Then revelation — I can use a versioning system like git. Singing up to GitHub completely changed my coding convenience. It took me almost a year to discover the next big step: adding an SSH key (and now I can’t imagine my daily work without it!).

What is that?

SSH keys are nothing more than an authorization method that allows you to avoid typing the password each time when you want…

The IT community is an amazing group. It doesn’t matter if you are a specialist with years of experience or a beginner, who just started learning how to code. There is always a place for you and your skills in our family. And you can always help others with something. Welcome to the open-source world!

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The story behind

Last week I was a mentor at the Angular Girls workshop in Cracow. I love sharing my knowledge with others and that unique combination — hard work and full concentration mixed with a supportive, fun atmosphere. Additionally, the mentors’ team decided to do something crazy…

Dominika Zając

Front-end & mobile developer from Cracow, Poland. Passionate about singing and IT event organizing. https://www.domizajac.com

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